wtorek, stycznia 31, 2012

what's up newbies? (part two)

Being maximalist is definitely a tough profession. It may become even tougher if you suddenly discover an inner desire for simplification. Louise Gray seems to be one of very few who can deal with that sort of situation beautifully. Her collection for Spring 2012 has all maximalism she is recognisable for (colours, patterns, layers are as always main ingredients of her crazy mix) despite the fact that if you look more carefully you may find some signs of pure simplicity within these pieces. Try to get rid of all the styling and finishings necessary for the runway and you will stay with couple of nice, simple, extremely wearable frocks and probably the coolest two-piece of the season (last pic). Is it possible to be cleverer in terms of establishing one's own label? I don't think so.

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