niedziela, stycznia 22, 2012

we need to talk

Tilda Swinton has got all the stuff she needed to deliver this outstanding performance - there is no doubt about it. The problem is that I'm still not so sure whether in case of the movie "We need to talk about Kevin" that kind of performance was ever needed. Wouldn't it have been more appropriate for the story to have kind of plainer actress to pull it off? I believe so. And with all due respect, Swinton is probably capable of anything except being plain.  And she would definitely frivolously admit it, if someone asked, I bet.

What we get here is the amazingly well built up character of a sophisticated woman who thanks to the massive, overwhelming work of Tilda Swinton's body (with the whole face - eyes, lips and even cheeks being involved) is intricate, attention grabbing and anything but plain. And as much as I'm happy to have another opportunity to appreciate Swinton's excellence and brilliance, I would prefer to appreciate them in other movie. This story, not giving any answers, maybe not asking any questions either, but definitely touching certain taboo, requires on the side of the actors as much plainness (even transparency) as possible. In that sense John Reilly did his job much better than Swinton. Nevertheless her hard work might be rewarded anyway since The Academy likes rewarding hard work (no matter you are a ballet dancer or a killer's mother). So far Swinton has lost the Golden Globe Award to Meryl Streep but being conquered by The Iron Lady shouldn't be a shame really;-)

Except Swinton's approach to the movie who does try hard to prove again how great actress she is (which she is indeed so she might stop proving it so vividly) I consider the movie as a very successful and accomplished project which leaves us with quite a few unpleasant, uncomfortable thoughts, what was (or at least should be) its main goal.
Highly recommended.


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Martyna pisze...

I really love visiting your blog.
Greetings from eastern Poland!

marrli pisze...

bardzo fajny blog :) jestem tu pierwszy raz ! dodaje i zapraszam do mnie i licze na dodanie:)


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