poniedziałek, maja 31, 2010

"Pasolini is me"

W końcu widziałem T.E.O.R.E.M.A.T Grzegorza Jarzyny, a zaraz potem obejrzałem Teorema Pasoliniego - film, na podstawie którego spektakl został zrealizowany. Film w oryginalnej, włoskiej wersji językowej z hiszpańskimi napisami dostępny jest tutaj - nawet jeśli nie zna się żadnego z tych języków, warto obejrzeć - tekstu jest niewiele, a najważniejsze sceny rozgrywają się między słowami - ja tak zrobiłem. Zarówno film jak i spektakl uważam za rzeczy absolutnie zjawiskowe w zakresie formy i zastosowanych montażowo-scenograficznych rozwiązań. Plus genialna muzyka. Dodatkowo paralela obydwu tych obrazów pokazuje jak bardzo teatralny jest film Pasoliniego i jednocześnie jak bardzo filmowy jest spektakl Jarzyny. Jeśli chodzi o samą fabułę, to oczywiście odczytanie wszystkich znaczeń nie jest możliwe bez dobrej znajomości sporych rozmiarów dorobku Pasoliniego a także jego biografii, która w tym dorobku odgrywa niemałą rolę. Główna myśl jest jednak bardzo czytelna i przez wspomniany sposób przedstawienia niezwykle poruszająca. Szczerze polecam.

czwartek, maja 20, 2010


Generally I think that pointy-toed shoes are hideous and impractical - and for the record I have nothing against impractical shoes of course but they must have something to cover their lack of practicality - if they are hideous there is no point in standing up for them. As always there are a few exceptions - well, only one this time because it is truly hopeless matter. I mean these gorgeous Balenciaga stilettos which come from Fall 2008.

Actually to be honest I really don't know why I'm so powerfully affected since they seem to have all annoying features which are characteristic for pointy footwear. But probably the difference is made by the construction which uses remarkable colour block effect and exposing only the best parts of the shoes (it's huge difference I can tell). Also a little platform underneath causes that the point is not so pointed and of course the heels have extremely beautiful shapes considering the fact that they are still only stiletto heels. Apart from that I think these shoes are not so easy to wear and require quite special treatment and kinda respect, but they definitely deserve for it.

Picuture in the midlle comes from Harper's Bazaar website, rest come from Jak & Jil Blog

piątek, maja 14, 2010

mixing patterns - chapter 2

Power of pattern clothing is rather obvious these days. There is no other way to build convincingly strong look with little effort. And when you start playing with mixing patterns it's always about being as bold as brass even if you usually do not act like someone essentially brave. Probably that's why I like it so much and admire people who use that strategy in their fashion statements.

As it turns out, dealing with interesting patterns could also be one of cleverest ways to break into the industry. This is definitely the case of Holly Fulton - Scottish from origin, up-and-coming designer who produces really specific and intricate prints taking her inspirations mainly from Art Deco style and putting them into very up-to-date urban look which is finished with exquisite jewellery (you can read here about what she is telling about her craftsmanship). With some pretty good reviews she is on her way to establish competitive label. Let's all keep our fingers crossed - what we can see now looks very promising.

Speaking of mixing patterns, the performance delivered by Louise Gray - Holly Fulton's compatriot, sharing her hopes of becoming significant figure in the industry - seems to be comparably accomplished and quite cheerful at the same time. Thoughts that she takes her cue from Madame Westwood come easily to our minds and that can be some sort of compliment for sure. However the way she is struggling with crazy fabrics deserves at least few words of admiration considering her individuality. Anyway fun is the thing she is mainly aiming at and it's fun indeed what leaves us with the certainty she will succeed eventually.

All pictures come from style.com
As a background for this post I used some really nice mixes coming from my younger brother's favourite game these days - cheers Krzysiek;-)


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