środa, listopada 18, 2009

Ugg boots czyli buty Emu

My answer for these boots has always been 'NO' so far. Why? For some obvious reasons:
1) they deform legs in so many ugly ways,
2) they are extremely odd with no respect for the rules how the decent boot is supposed to look like,
3) they used to be so insanely popular, even common - people were wearing them with everything without any reflection,
4) they usually comes with boring colours
and I could go on.
All these cons among the pros and cons concerning the boots outshine few pros left. However there are some pros indeed:
1) these boots seem to be very comfy and easy to wear
2) they are probably extremely warm and at the same time very light
3) they look quite originally and definitely make the fashion statement
But let's refresh our minds.
Wearing these boots could be quite challenging and mainly because of that it could be also quite rewarding. It's so easy to say them 'NO'. But as I said here before (not once) the real fashion (which pushes things forward) is basically keeping taking a risk constantly. So for the first time in my life I actually encourage to try to wear them because something unexpected might happen.
Make them look acceptable or maybe even more then just acceptable and if you succeed it will be a real achievement.

IMPORTANT ADVICE: when you are going to wear Ugg boots, wear at least the best possible ones which are properly made - look here.

2 komentarze:

"Une very stylish fille" pisze...

I love the fact that you HATE them.
I will be ALWAYS against them.
They should be renamed as they aren't Ugg boots. OH no, they should be called UGGLY BOOTS!!!

Ps. I thought you might be interested :)

Best wishes,
Fashion abuse

Just us pisze...

they're very ugly, but they're also very warm and good for weather like it's always in poland :)



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