środa, listopada 18, 2009

Ugg boots czyli buty Emu

My answer for these boots has always been 'NO' so far. Why? For some obvious reasons:
1) they deform legs in so many ugly ways,
2) they are extremely odd with no respect for the rules how the decent boot is supposed to look like,
3) they used to be so insanely popular, even common - people were wearing them with everything without any reflection,
4) they usually comes with boring colours
and I could go on.
All these cons among the pros and cons concerning the boots outshine few pros left. However there are some pros indeed:
1) these boots seem to be very comfy and easy to wear
2) they are probably extremely warm and at the same time very light
3) they look quite originally and definitely make the fashion statement
But let's refresh our minds.
Wearing these boots could be quite challenging and mainly because of that it could be also quite rewarding. It's so easy to say them 'NO'. But as I said here before (not once) the real fashion (which pushes things forward) is basically keeping taking a risk constantly. So for the first time in my life I actually encourage to try to wear them because something unexpected might happen.
Make them look acceptable or maybe even more then just acceptable and if you succeed it will be a real achievement.

IMPORTANT ADVICE: when you are going to wear Ugg boots, wear at least the best possible ones which are properly made - look here.

niedziela, listopada 15, 2009

generally about patterns

We've already got to know that you can't go wrong mixing the colours which according to The Good Book are not the perfect match (read here). Now we're about to start thinking that you can't go wrong combining such patterns as well. Who is responsible for this crusade against The Good Book? Taking a look at two last Dries Van Noten's collections will give you the answer.
What is important concerning "the patterns case", there is still room for going wrong anyway so maybe throwing The Good Book away is not so wise thing to do. Like always in such cases it's all about the feeling. And the strength of Van Noten's collection comes exactly from there. You look at the mixes (in which the quality of every single pattern is exquisite by the way) and think: hey, it works, it really works, despite all expectations. But this is Van Noten - one of the best patterns' producers and combiners nowadays (as I said before).
Anyway, I think that for those (including me) who cannot afford these clothes and can only admire them at the photos and maybe in some videos, this collection provides a kind of encourage to try to change something in our styles by mixing different patterns and not being so worried about going wrong - I think it's always worth risking, because the final effect might happen to be breathtaking - just like in these pictures:

And MIND the shoe again:

Photos come from style.com where you can find much more about the collection.


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