niedziela, kwietnia 03, 2011

about family

"The kids are all right" is an American comedy-drama which takes place within an American family. Normally useless that kind of characteristic tells a lot in case of this movie. Firstly because considering many aspects the film is very typical for the category - maybe cleverer, witter, funnier, maybe better but sill very typical indeed. Secondly because this typicality combined with the fact that this American family is a family set up by a couple of lesbians upgrades the movie to completely another level. But what makes this movie so truly special is how smoothly this story becomes a story about a family and about nothing else. Behind this trick is hidden the real success of this gay-friendly project.

And what a tough luck for Annette Bening that she had to deliver her outstanding performance in the year of the Black Swan. Otherwise the Oscar would have gone to her undoubtedly. 



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