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True Colours

Now, as true colours mixing lover (mind true colours and true lover) I'd like to point at Mr Dries Van Noten who does mix the most sophisticated colours in the most sophisticated way. You don't have to look for the proof any further than in the latest fall collection.


The power of colour is truly overwhelming in this collection. Thanks to the beautiful simplicity of all pieces the colours are able to speak their own, pure language. And it's great because doesn't happen so often nowadays.
What the Dries Van Noten's colours try to say? Mainly that there is so much place left for the different combinations. There is no rules really, because you can obtain the most astonishing effect using colours which according to the "good book" go with each other under no circumstances. And I love that way of thinking in making fashion.
Secondly true colour is for me that one which needs quite large space to be alive - to show the level of its intensity and inner complication and sometimes to show its structure even (because some colours do have a structure). And this collection is full of that kind of colours, and I love that too.
At last Dries Van Noten is in my opinion one of the best pattern's producer and combiner in the fashion industry. The way of producing and combining patterns in this collection is probably the most adorable I've ever seen. Take a look and MIND THE SHOE, MIND THE SHOE;-)


Photos come from style.com, where you can find much more about this collection including the video report from the fashion show.

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