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"Black swan" remake

This week has been fully packed with figure skating as two major competitions: European Championships and US Nationals have just ended today. There were as always ups and downs, kisses and cries, jumps and falls etc. and I must admit that personally I'm not so into it any more (at least comparing to my state of mind just a few years ago). Still there were moments to enjoy and definitely one of them was this adorable performance of newly crowned US Ladies' Champion - Ashley Wagner.

I always say that great pick of music is at least half of the final success in this sport - judges are people after all - and here music's choice was really great giving all every decent skating performance needs: growing tension, drama and grande finale. It's not enough of course, but if you add some nicely detailed elements to mark that you are actually skating in accordance with this great music you picked, you'll hit the nail right on the head. And she just did it by attaching for example this super original arms' movement during her spiral sequence or performing 'en pointe'-like little steps in the middle of the program.

For me this program seems to be also a bit "from the past" (and for the record I'm mentioning about it as its big advantage) being composed in a way to give the skater some moments to have a deep breath. Under the new judging system it means simply that there are less points to gain so it's quite unusual these days but thanks to that loss you gain something else. I would describe it as a certain glowing lightness (I know how it sounds but this is figure skating vocabulary so just bear it;-) which prevents you from being tired with the performance and helps you truly enjoy it. I'm sure that some judges might still have huge craving for that as well.

EDIT 14/02/2012: Ashley Wagner's lucky star keeps shining as she just won The Four Continents Figure Skating Championships gaining the international recognition with the best score of the season for the female skater and unexpectedly but evidently becoming one of the favourites to grab the world title.

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