piątek, stycznia 27, 2012

what's up newbies? (part one)

Remember my article about two lovely newbies stepping boldly onto the stage? Interested in getting back in touch with them and checking out how their performances keep going? I am.

Holly Fulton still stands for extremely original Art Deco-esque patterning but this time (Spring 2012) combined nicely with zebra, checkerboard and oh-so-trendy this season ocean motifs. All this variety of forms was shown off on simple shapes with top-notch miniskirts waving the flag for the brand as one of its trademarks. Fulton also keeps herself on a very high level with the exquisite jewellery she produces and tries to experiment with fabrics - as you might have not noticed the zebra pattern on strapless top (second pic) is actually intarsia knit - the result of special collaboration with a Scottish textile mill.
My affection for the colours she tends to use is widely known.

For some people it might be too much. But even if, this is probably the best possible kind of "too much" you have chance to wear nowadays.

to be continued...

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