środa, marca 07, 2012

I told you, didn't I

Quite possibly Stella McCartney reads this blog or at least she saw accidentally this or maybe (carrying away completely with making conjectures) she was celebrating New Year's Eve in London next to me. Just maybe.

But it's official now. Blue is back and somehow (=being embossed) is making its appearance in more multidimensional way than ever before in the latest Stella McCartney's collection just showed in Paris.

Some adjectives spring to mind easily and naturally (as always in Stella's case): wearable, comfortable, modern, urban, cool, laid-back and and at the same time chic. And definitely the main strength of this particular collection (but also of the label) is built up around these adjectives. But for me personally the most important observation to make is that you don't need to dig in deeply throughout the collection to find beautiful pieces you can wear in broad daylight without any fear that you might be consider as someone who's trying too hard. The only purpose of the show is to serve these clothes nicely. Natural make-up broken subtly by deep blue hue of the eyelashes and simple hair-do of the models support the purpose strictly. Thanks to that you don't have to use your imagination to see how it would look on the street (Stella used her imagination to give you that picture) and I would say it's rather rare and refreshing these days. As a result we get the collection which creates immediate and very strong craving for the clothes it delivers. Fortunately for Stella that's exactly what this business is all about.

More photos as usual here.

The hot news when it comes to Stella is that she was asked to design the outfits for British Olympic team which proposal she accepted as a great honour. Watching the last section of her latest collection and having this hot news in mind I'm so disappointed that some female tennis players aren't British.

Below my latest music discovery - somehow "related" to what I wrote above;-)


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