piątek, lutego 10, 2012

Warsaw's Baker Street

It seems like we have our own Baker Street here in Warsaw but literally, with no references whatsoever to Sherlock Holmes or any that kind of persona as far as I know (by the way: had he ever visited Warsaw?). Still Senatorska Street, to which I'm referring to, is definitely not one of these streets that suffer from lack of the references, having quite a history and a bunch of significant buildings with their own history each. The Great Theatre is probably on the top of the list (being in fact the greatest one of them) but you may find all the other here with links to their photos and be very likely surprised how little you knew about them before (for me it was exceptionally striking because I'm passing different parts of this street practically every day on the way to my office). 

But it's not what I was going to write about. The thing that I dare to call Senatorska Street our Baker Street is that with newly open bakery shop after quick calculations there are four that kind of shops in the western part of the street. And when I give myself a moment to think I come with the conclusion that actually each one of them has something really special to offer amid wide rang of its high quality baker's good and pastry what sounds very promising for their coexistence in the future.

I will provide you with the details (maybe even with the pics of the specials I mentioned) very soon.

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