niedziela, lutego 12, 2012

pass by

Ewa (dla przyjaciół "efcia", nie znosi jak się do niej mówi "Ewo") - team leader projektu w międzynarodowej korporacji, mieszka na "dalekiej Ochocie", w wolnym czasie biega na długie dystanse i kibicuje "jedynemu warszawskiemu klubowi piłkarskiemu", spotkana na ulicy Foksal

Ewa ("efcia" for friends, if you want to become one of them never ever say to her "Ewo") - team leader of the project in the international company, lives in far far end of Ochota (district in Warsaw), in her spare time runs long distances and cheers for "the only Warsaw's football club" , met at Foksal Street    

bus or tram?

car with a handsome guy as a driver

Serena or Venus?

the slim one

escalator or lift?

stairs because I'm training for half marathon

ground or top floor?

the top one of course, without neighbours walking on the ceiling, with glorious view from the huge window

boazeria czy tapeta?


opera or ballet?

I'm obliged to say ballet

buttons or zipper?

zipper because it's faster

winter or summer?

I hate winter

autumn or spring?


do or make?

do the laundry and make me feel good

song for today

3 komentarze:

Marca pisze...

Awesome interview :)

Lenka pisze...

I love the song of the day ;) Greetings!

Michał pisze...

Cool post, greetings :)


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