wtorek, stycznia 12, 2010

Lady McQueen concept

When we are thinking about music industry nowadays, music is probably one of these things which have a place at the end of the list what matters. There are so many other things involved which come to our minds before the music like for example all that "around promotion" stuff, money, people, people getting money from people giving money, who with whom by who announcements etc. And I'm not judging it, just stating the fact - that's the way it is and being aware of that is kinda necessary to exist in the industry. Among all these "before the music" things there are also video clips made generally to illustrate the music but practically to attract our attention in additional and probably more powerful way (especially in "not so good music" cases). It has to be said that the great video clips era has gone with the wind - of course there is still strong need to have video clip for the song and the quality of it is important but the concept not so much anymore - if you don't believe me switch on any of the popular TV music channels to see how similar one to each other they are. Fortunately someone has changed a little this annoying trend lately. Speaking of changing the trends in music industry (don't mix it up with changing the trends in music - they are perfectly fine and seem to be unchangeable;-) there is only one name at the moment - Lady Gaga. Her clips remind me the past era I've mentioned. Their quality is unquestionable but what is much more important the strong concept is there and thanks for that. Of course as always you can grumble about the idea but you should appreciate it anyway. I can even tell you that for me Lady Gaga's music doesn't exists without the clips - I've tried to have few of her songs on my iPod shuffle but it didn't work out actually;-) On the other hand whenever I see her video clip on TV screen I "shi shu" everybody around and watch with embarrassing pleasure. Maybe another reason which definitely works for me is that her clips give us rather rare opportunity to see some high fashion pieces apart from the runway and fashion shots. This is for sure the Bad romance video clip case. The clip is no doubt the great tribute to Alexander McQueen. Lady Gaga is wearing in it probably the most unwearable pair of high-heels in history and some other pieces from the latest designer's collection which unlikely might be seen at the streets (except the situation Lady Gaga will decide to wear them casually) - for more details look here.
What is also interesting concerning problems with having a concept, Alexander McQueen has always been that kind of designer who has the concept behind the fashion show - the latest one wasn't an exception - read here. Maybe that's why Lady Gaga decided to choose for the clip so many pieces from him only, considering the fact that she might ask whoever she wanted being contemporary style and fashion icon.
Good job anyway and I hope that the next video clip (which I'm looking forward to see) will be even more "conceptual" (sic!).

Don't want to promote Lady Gaga too much (she is so well promoted already) instead of one of her songs I'm enclosing the song being performed by another gay icon - Grace Jones;-) Enjoy!

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