sobota, kwietnia 18, 2009

nice evening

It was the third time I was watching The Swan Lake performing by the ballet dancers from The Great Theatre in Warsaw - for the first time I had such a great seat and for the first time I had a camera. Fortunately because there was someone who obviously deserves the shot.

Very nice and appropriate outfit - great colour combo (beautiful colour especially on the shirt), good proportions, very wise using lovely patterned tie which could be a bit longer but never mind, trendy ray bans and finally - great shoes.

Going back to the ballet - The Swan Lake is that kind of performance which is appreciated (maybe for different reasons but still) by everyone. It has everything - great story, great music, great costumes, great choreography - I could go one. There will be always place in the repertoire for The Swan Lake.

Here - link to the really great version of Odetta variation - fragment of second act which truly shows class of a dancer who plays leading role - enjoy.

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Colourblind pisze...

Cudowna muzyka i piękna kombinacja ciuchowa.. prosta elegancja, przy czym ta prostota jest wielka.


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