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the review of The Black Swan in five things to say

I've seen it. Actually I've seen it twice. Honestly I've seen it twice just so far.

First thing to say:
Natalie Portman became an actress many years ago in order to play this particular role right now. I have no doubts about it. Nothing else matters and will be when it comes to her emploi. At least when I'm thinking about it now, still contemplating my first, quite powerful impression.

The movie definitely let her show totally her craftsmanship (beauty ballerina-like face, little voice, body measurements and her natural innocence visible in her every move and heard in her every syllable) and she's grabbing her chance resolutely and steadily. Everyone (even the critics who are somehow grumbling about the movie as overloaded, over-over-the-top and generally overdone) says that in a month from now she will be holding the Oscar. It could be the biggest disappointment of the year if she isn't.

Second thing to say:
This movie drags you into from the very first scene. But there is nothing magical about it (usually isn't inspite of what people are tempted to say in such case) - it's simply thanks to quite clever tricks. The main trick is the one of using loud (sometimes louder than music) sounds - growing feathers, tapping ballet shoes and great variety of body sounds;-) An extraordinary work of the camera has its own input there as well.

Third thing to say:
The Swan Lake as a great (probably the greatest) ballet spectacle (full of glace kitsch) has been waiting long enough for being used to tell a nice story about filth, perversion and psycho. Mission completed.

Fourth thing to say:
The movie can be understood as a picture of the ballet's world but it works as one only partially. Many aspects were exaggerated and it's typical for the movies which try to deal with this world - no one can resist the temptation of presenting ballet dancers as fragile little girls who are heading for perfection through blood, sweat and tears.

Fifth thing to say: I want to watch it again.

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