poniedziałek, grudnia 20, 2010

What will the New Year bring for us?

A story which has the "Swan Lake" ballet as a background sounds so over the top that I'm so looking forward to seeing it.

Though Natalie Portman playing professional ballet dancer without any support from a professional ballet dancer sounds a bit scary - with all due respect to Natalie Portman who has the pure beauty of a prima ballerina she just can't convincingly replace professionally trained dancer no matter how hard she (or the director) would try (especially when it comes to such an intricate and sophisticated role as Odette/Odile from Swan Lake) - I'm still quite curious what kind of emotions this movie will be able to deliver.

As befits an over the top movie its promotion is over the top as well (probably at least twice as much as the movie itself). Nevertheless I can't wait.

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iUnderEye pisze...

Mila Kunis is doing really well professionally at the moment. I hope this is successful for her and Natalie.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. x


Łyska/blog o kapeluszach pisze...

Świetny plakat.


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